June 15th, 2010

Auricle: Sound Cultures of the Future
Thursday September 23rd 2010
University of Technology, Sydney

au·ri·cle (ô′ri kəl) noun
Anat. the external part of the ear; pinna
Obsolete an atrium of the heart
Biol. an earlike part or organ
Etymology: ME < L auricula, dim. of auris, ear

Call for Papers

The Auricle event is the second in the Sound Cultures/Sound Studies series that commenced in 2009 with Terpsichorean Architecture, convened by Dr Tony Mitchell. In 2010, the event is co-hosted by the Transforming Cultures Research Centre in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS and Screen Sound: The Australasian Journal of Soundtrack Studies, and co-convened by Prof Anne Cranny-Francis (UTS) and Dr Rebecca Coyle (Southern Cross University). Focusing on sound and cultural transformation, the event highlights both the analytical and transformational possibilities in sound studies.

The Auricle event will explore five main themes:

  • Performative voices
  • Music/sound and transformation
  • Screen(ing) sound
  • Writing sound
  • Hearing/Listening as research method

The event welcomes 20-minute paper, roundtable or panel proposals from sound studies researchers from various disciplines. Papers may be selected for a special journal issue based on the conference themes.

Please send abstracts (150-200 words) by Monday July 5 to: Transforming.Cultures@uts.edu.au. Notification of acceptance by 26 July.


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