September 20th, 2009

Screen Sound publishes English Language articles. The journal uses modified Harvard referencing (click here for a detailed Style Guide). Authors are required to submit final manuscripts in the prescribed house style and format. Authors are encouraged to check published articles for style, layout and formatting.

In addition to fully refereed articles (Section I), Screen Sound publishes reviews, reports and interviews (see Sections II and III).

For detailed style guide instructions, click here. (PDF)

Guidelines for Submission

All manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form in word or rtf format. Please clearly label the document with one/two word subject and submission date eg. noisefilm_SSJsec1_aug10.doc.

Abstracts: All articles should be accompanied by an abstract of 150-200 words.

Keywords: All abstracts should be followed by a maximum of 5 key words/terms.

Cover Sheet: All articles should be de-identified for the refereeing process. Articles should be accompanied by a cover sheet with author name and contact details, plus a short biographical paragraph and email address.

Notation: Notated items should be submitted in word processed form as .tiff format (or .jpeg) and high resolution (300dpi).  Please do not include caption heading with the image.

Photographs and diagrams: Photographs and diagrams may be used, provided authors obtain permission to reproduce any previously published material. Images are preferred in .tiff format (or .jpeg) and high resolution if possible (300dpi). Please submit images as a separate file rather than inserted in the text, and without a caption in the image.

Prospective contributors are encouraged to discuss ideas for articles or other items with the editors prior to submission. Contact

A PDF version of these guidelines can be downloaded here.


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